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OldOak.net services are to be used only as permitted in the Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"). The AUP applies to all users, whether customers or visitors. Generally speaking, OldOak.net services are to be used in lawful means to communicate with an organization's members and other interested parties. Services may not be used for any unlawful purpose, for spam, or to negatively impact another person or entity.

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OldOak.net does not collect any personal information other than in instances where it is specifically requested (e.g., on forms where you ask us to contact you). Information from web server logs is used only for general performance analysis. Contact information provided to OldOak.net in email messages, in web forms, and in newsletter subscriptions is used by OldOak.net only for the purpose of contacting persons who have expressed an interest in OldOak.net's products and services. Other than in response to valid requests from law enforcement authorities, OldOak.net never sells or shares such data with any third party. Although OldOak.net hosts the web sites of its customers, it is not responsible for the data collected by its customers.

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