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How To Recieve Email On Your AT&T Wireless Blackberry:

  1. Create an account at the Blackberry Internet Service for AT&T Wireless Website. Click here to Access it.
  2. Be sure to make a note of your login and password in a safe place other than on your blackberry.
  3. To setup a new account, Click the "Set Up Account".
  4. Fill out the fields asking for your email address and passwords. This is asking for the password that you use to access the email server. This would be the same password that would allow you to login to your webmail page here at OldOak.net.
  5. Click ok.
  6. The web site will prompt you and tell you that you are done. This is not true. We need still need to configure the security and signature options for your new account.
  7. You will now be back on the main window of the Blackberry Setup web page. Click on the icon for editing your new account.
  8. Please fill out the "Your Name" Field with your name and the signature field if you would like your emails that are sent from your blackberry to include a signature after your email.
  9. Click the "Save" button.
  10. You will now be sent back on the main window of the Blackberry Setup web page. Click on the icon for editing your new account again.
  11. Now towards the top of the web page choose "Advanced Settings".
  12. On this screen your server address should be: mail.oldoak.net regardless of your actually domain name.
  13. Also choose the checkbox for "SSL".
  14. Click "Save".
  15. You should have already received notification of your new account on your Blackberry.

If you experience any problems please contact your administrator at oldoak.net

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